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Oracle Sound Alchemy


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Welcome to the intersection of sound, science & spirituality

I'm thrilled to offer Oracle Sound Alchemy, a comprehensive retreat-style sound healer training program with all who feel called to learn how to work with the powerful vibrational medicine of sound. This course was born as a request from students and clients who have experienced my unique way of holding space with sound.  After facilitating countless individual treatments + group sound bath ceremonies in my own healing practice, this is my heartfelt offering for the next wave of Sound Alchemists who are ready to step into service.


If you have been feeling the nudge to become a Keeper of Frequency but are not sure where to begin or haven't found a program that you fully resonate with, then this course may be in alignment for you. This program is open to sound enthusiasts of all levels whether you have zero experience and have only recently attended a sound bath, own a few instruments and casually play, are a Wellness Practitioner looking to augment your current offerings or are an existing Sound Healer looking for a deeper, more intuitive & spiritual connection to this healing modality.

This course is rooted in science and spirituality because they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they support one another beautifully. Sound is the medicine of our ancestors that is re-emerging in a powerful way to help us navigate the current state of the world. These are sacred times and sound medicine offers us the empowering ability to reharmonize + heal ourselves, help serve others & raise the vibration of the collective consciousness. 


Delve into the rich history of sound healing and how it was utilized in ancient civilizations. Learn about the fundamentals of music theory, then dive into the power of vocal toning, chanting & mantras for cellular regeneration. Become proficient in sonic technology & learn how to play a variety of healing instruments. 


Become knowledgeable about how quantum physics and neuroscience serve as the foundation of sound as an effective complementary and alternative medicine.  Gain proficiency about how to work with the specific laws that govern sound, how they relate to our physiology & holistic health.  Learn about fascinating case studies & emerging technologies within the field of sound healing.


Deepen your spirituality, connect to the Healer within & become adept at holding sacred space for others. Expand into the world of energy anatomy, learn to facilitate cathartic treatments & group healing ceremonies. Unique to this training, you will receive powerful activations and find yourself on a multidimensional, spiritual journey participating in this high-vibrational

group container.

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Get Certified, Recharge & Rejuvenate

What's Included


Unplug, rejuvenate & recharge at our secluded villa amidst the gorgeous desert landscape


Nourish your vessel with delicious and healthy gourmet meals + beverages prepared by our very own Private Chef 


Comprehensive hybrid course with hands-on immersive sound labs + incredible Bonus Offerings


Fill your cup with yoga, reiki, breathwork, light language activations & a group sound bath at the world-famous Integratron


Professional photo shoot to provide digital assets for your sound healing practice & marketing needs


Spend quality time with your cohort, develop deep connections, make heartfelt memories & celebrate as we all expand together

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Program Details 

This is a comprehensive LIVE training where you will be immersed in the frequency of expansion as you learn activating knowledge about sonic medicine, get plenty of hands-on of practice,  receive powerful personal + 5D Business activations and enjoy authentic connection. This hybrid course is open to all and takes place both virtually via Zoom, as well as in person at our 2024 Oracle Sound Alchemy Retreat in Joshua Tree. The first 2 classes will be held virtually and the last 3 classes + immersive Sound Labs will be held in person at the retreat. Students also get the added benefit of a public sound bath graduation ceremony where they will get to apply everything they've learned, playing for friends & family and celebrating this big milestone. This festive event is always a major highlight of the program & for our broader community!  


Course Schedule + Bonus Offerings
60hour Training Certification 


  • This is a hybrid course; Students must complete all virtual class material + be able to attend Oracle Sound Alchemy Retreat in Joshua Tree

  • 25 Practicum Hours to be completed at your own pace - Attend 5 public sound baths, Conduct 5hrs of individual in-person sound healing treatments + 5hrs of individual virtual sound baths, Conduct 5hrs of in person small group sound healing ceremonies + 5hrs of virtual group sound baths

  • 1 hour Final Exam - Private 1:1 Sound Bath Ceremony with Instructor for review of techniques, application of sacred ceremony teachings & ability to hold space

  • Students will receive certification upon completion of requirements. 

Our Amazing Community

Another significant benefit of this training program is the authentic connection and supportive community that comes along with it.  Strong bonds are often formed and there are also so many incredible Practitioners to collaborate with who are experts in their respective fields, leading amazing sound ceremonies. Oracle Sound Alchemy grads have moved on to integrating sound healing into their work, hosting their own successful event series, landed teaching jobs at yoga + meditation studios, sold out their own wellness retreats & more! 


"The amount of thought, intention and detail Queenie puts into her training courses is unmatched. The material she provides is designed to set you up for success and own your power as a Practitioner. She is extremely knowledgeable and explains concepts in a way that makes it easy to understand. She is truly gifted and I would highly recommend working with Queenie as your Guide." - MP

"I had been looking for a Sound Healer course & nothing really grabbed my attention. I came across Queenie's course and after completing it, I can say it covered everything I had in mind & more with many fascinating examples & case studies. Queenie shares so many bits of wisdom from her experience, it's truly invaluable. I feel so lucky to have chosen this course & found such an incredible & dedicated mentor in Queenie! - DL

"So many wonderful things to say about Queenie! She is the real deal! I took her Sound Healer training course as I was looking for a course that incorporated history and science into the curriculum, and I particularly wanted to learn from a woman of color. It turned out to be a way more profound and wonderful experience than I expected. The information was so in depth. I would make the decision again in a heartbeat." - MC

"Can't imagine my life if I hadn't done this training! Opened so many doors of expansion." - MD

"MAJOR quantum leaps ever since I completed this training. So grateful for you and this community." - TF

"This was one of the best experiences

of my life and a brave decision I

made for myself."  - JG

Oracle Sound Alchemy course tuition and 4-day retreat pricing includes lodging, food and group excursions. A $450 deposit is required to hold your space and you have the option to pay in full or choose a monthly payment plan. No experience is required and it's not necessary to purchase any instruments beforehand. Students will have the opportunity to play each instrument directly and feel empowered to make informed purchasing decisions. My intention is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need in order to create your sound healing practice at a pace that works for your individual goals, budget & circumstances.  


Take a deep breath, tune in and decide if this feels aligned for you at this time. If you are ready to commit and become a sacred Keeper of Frequency, then it's time to dive in with heart wide open.  

PAYMENT OPTIONS - Payment plan details in FAQs. First installment serves as your deposit to confirm your spot at the retreat.

Thanks for submitting! We’ll be in touch.

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