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Special 2hr Edition Cosmic Transmissions: The Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Keepers



This was a special 2 hour edition of Cosmic Transmissions that took place on the solar eclipse on October 13, 2023. Carla, Ryan & I delved into the akashic mysteries of Ancient Egypt with Special Guest, Flo Karuna of Starseed Codes. Each in this Council of Channelers brought a unique frequency and it was a year and a half in the making for us to come together in this specific format.


We had such an incredible time with all of you at our solar eclipse channeling event! Thanks to everyone who joined us from around the world, contributing your pure intentions + beautiful energy to this meaningful work. So many Guides showed up and shared such powerful akashic wisdom with us from ancient Egypt that we can apply to our individual + collective ascension journey.




- 0:00:00 - Team Intros: Queenie, Carla, Ryan, Lindy, Paris

- 0:11:04 - Opening Meditation + light language from Kwan Yin + the Yogic Masters to drop us in

- 0:16:48 - Opening message from Kryon to embrace your role anchoring the light (channeled through Ryan)

- 0:31:34 - Activating your planetary magnetism with Goddess Isis + the Magdalene Collective on instilling the frequency of peace and humanity's golden epochs (channeled through Queenie)

- 0:49:59 - Grounding meditation to come back into our bodies (Lindy)

- 0:53:49 - Quick Break

- 0:58:21 - The story of the Galactic councils who prepared for this time + the relationship between the Egyptian golden epoch and what is taking place in Israel + Palestine from Akhenaten (channeled through Flo)

- 01:28:36 - Thoth on multidimensionality, Arcturian Emissary on maintaining neutrality + light language activation from the Christ Consciousness Dragons (channeled through Carla)

- 01:44:16 - Debrief

- 01:54:37 - Closing message from Yeshua (channeled through Lindy)



  • Please have a quiet, comfortable place to either sit upright or lay down to receive the transmissions and activations. 
  • You're welcome to use headphones and an eyemask to enhance the experience.
  • Feel free to have any crystals out that you'd like to be super-charged with reiki.
  • Feel free to smudge and clear the energy in your space, preparing to be in ceremony.
  • Please also have a journal and pen next to you for jotting down your insights/downloads, along with a glass of fresh water to ground. 



Due to the nature of this digital product and immediate delivery upon payment, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued. 

Special 2hr Edition Cosmic Transmissions: The Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Keepers

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