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Special 2hr Edition Cosmic Transmissions: Yeshua + The Masters



This was hands down the most powerful Cosmic Transmissions we've ever held. All the energies and consciousnesses that came through to share akashic wisdom about our beloved Yeshua were so powerful + pure. The energy in the container was palpable! We connected with the energies of the Essenes, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, the Magis, Yogic Masters, the Christ Consciousness dragons & more. We were given information around the divine union of Yeshua + Mary Magdalene and how they both activated each other, as well as knowledge of Yeshua's initiations and pilgrimages during his 'lost years' not documented in the bible. The dragons also shared some strong messages around releasing any limitations going into 2024.


This was truly a beautiful, powerhouse of a channeling session and we're so grateful to all who joined and helped co-create this sacred container for us to be able to bring through their energies. Thanks again to everyone who facilitated and flowed energy to the container. Please enjoy the replay again and again whenever you need to feel the unconditional love of the supreme, master consciousness of this most loving ascended Being of Christed Light.


You'll receive both the audio recording as well as the link to the video replay.



  • Please have a quiet, comfortable place to lay down.

  • Please wear headphones to enhance the experience

  • You can also use an eyemask to help you fully drop in.

  • Feel free to have any crystals out that you'd like to be super-charged with reiki.

  • Feel free to smudge and clear the energy in your space, preparing to be in ceremony.

  • Please also have a journal and pen next to you for jotting down your insights/downloads, along with a glass of fresh water to ground.




Due to the nature of this digital product and immediate delivery upon payment, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued. 

Special 2hr Edition Cosmic Transmissions: Yeshua + The Masters

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