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"Deepen Your Reiki Distance Healing Expertise"

I had the honor of hosting an informative and scientific-based webinar on how to facilitate effective reiki distance healing treatments. The world is in desperate need of healing at this time and this program is designed to help you release any hesitation by providing you with practical tools and techniques to give you the confidence to begin offering distance healing as part of your repertoire.  After administering reiki to hundreds of clients, facilitating numerous distance healing treatments and successfully channeling reiki virtually to entire groups of people through my reiki sound baths, I have developed this webinar to empower you to expand your private reiki healing practice by deepening your distance healing skills and expertise in order to serve clients both domestically and internationally.  This webinar is for certified Reiki Level 2 Practitioners and above who have already received their Level 2 attunement, as well as Reiki Masters who are looking to brush up on their distance healing skills.


We will go over the following:

☾ Introduction to Distance Healing

☾ A Brief Retrospective of the Scientific Evidence of Distance Healing

☾ Quantum Entanglement

☾ Ethics of Holding Space

☾ Tools to Use

☾ Connecting to a Client's Bioenergy Field

☾ The exact Format and Flow of my Distance Healing Treatments

☾ Powerful Intuitive Energy Balancing Techniques to Support Your Distance Healings


  • PRICE: $50

  • DETAILS:  You will be sent a link to download a PDF of the keynote presentation as well as both an audio and video recording of the webinar to keep forever and review at your convenience.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or for additional support as you build your distance healing practice to serve as many people as possible.

  • All sales are final.




"Absolutely loved it! Feeling very relaxed and spacious. Felt a lot of calmness and a lot of space after our session. While meditating an idea came to me at work to pitch a big idea which could have a massive impact. Am feeling excited and calmly optimistic about the future. Thank you, Queenie. The world needs more bright lights. Trying hard to rekindle more of mine.” 

-  Dan (Melbourne, Australia)

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