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Experience the sacred wisdom of the Star Mothers 

It is our deepest honor to invite you on a multidimensional, cosmic journey with the pantheon of Star Mothers.  The benevolent Star Mothers helped seed Lemuria and other golden era civilizations.  At its height, Lemuria served as the spiritual epicenter of higher consciousness on the planet and it is our devotion to help reintroduce and anchor the energy of the Star Mothers onto the planet once again.


This is an experiential channeled course that took place over  the span of 3 months through 6 Bimonthly calls where we will brought through the vast array of Star Mothers—Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lyran, Andromedan & more. This course is also served as a precursor to The New Golden Age of Lemuria Conference we are facilitating this September in Kauai.  It is our intention to help guide all who resonate with the Star Mothers to begin energetically calibrating to this beautiful collective of loving Beings.

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Image Credit: Katie-Jane Wright

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Our spiritual paths have led each of us to connect with the Star Mothers, gradually coming to know their energetic signatures and experiencing their unconditional love & support for all of humanity. The time for us to come together to help humbly bring forth their ancient wisdom & healing frequencies in this living, breathing sacred container has now arrived.

We were shown the powerful, spiritual trifecta of Lemuria,  Atlantis and Avalon

In this context, we have also been shown that the Lemuria conference is just the first of 3 large lightworker gatherings we are to facilitate in the coming years so the triangle is complete.

Image Credit: @verbamystica

We gathered every other Sunday in communion with the Council of Star Mothers–along with many others who have come forward to join us, including Sanat Kumara, the Essene-Magdalanes & the Hathors–and journey together, reawakening our innate knowledge & receiving the sacred teachings once again that were imparted to us long ago by our Star Ancestors. On some calls, we were guided to grid in order to support the energetic work taking place at different locations on the globe. On other calls, we channeled healing processes + activations for the group. Together, we will connected our energy and intentionality to anchor in the nurturing, healing frequencies of the Star Mothers, further solidifying the Divine Feminine energies sweeping the planet. 

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Image Credit: Mica De Santis

What's Included


  • Meet Queenie, JJ & Katie-Jane and our learn how we each began connecting with the Star Mothers & discuss all the details about the course.


  • Video + audio recordings of six 75min bimonthly meetings with the Council of Star Mothers that include Channeled Messages, Guided Multidimensional Journeys,  Light Language Activations & Vibrational Healing.

  • Council Meeting 1 - Journey to Lemuria with the Pleiadian Star Mothers, Magdalene Collective, Isis & the Lemurian Dragons 

  • Council Meeting 2 - Womb healing with the Star Mothers, Yeshua + the Essene-Magdalanes, Goddess Athena & the sacred cetaceans 

  • Council Meeting 3  - Energetic Healing from the Lyran, Arcturian & Andromedan Star Mothers

  • Council Meeting 4 - Wisdom of the Venusian Star Mothers, the Hathors & Sanat Kumara

  • Council Meeting 5 - Working with the Andromeda Stargate, healing the "witch wound" and embracing our elemental aspects

  • Council Meeting 6 - Releasing collective trauma + suffering and Healing the wound of not belonging with the Lyran Star Mothers

  • Also includes additional light language calibration video from the Arcturian Star Mothers and an array of channeled multidimensional light codes and artwork



  • The course tuition is $333 with the option to either pay in 2 monthly installments or in full

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