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Queenie Hilfer is the Founder of Path of the Oracle™ based in the serene, coastal oasis that is the South Bay of Los Angeles. She offers transformative training courses + mentorships, multidimensional healing treatments, leads sacred ceremonies & hosts retreats. After working with thousands of clients + mentoring hundreds of students, her healership evolved to include vocal trance channeling + light language nudging her to develop a signature suite of healing modalities that showcase the unique blend of vibrational medicine she brings to her light work:

Oracle Reiki™

Integrated blend of Western + Japanese reiki lineages with science-based research,

Oracle transmissions, advanced healing techniques & 5D Business Activations

Oracle Sound Alchemy™

A beautiful and comprehensive intersection of science, sound & spirituality that culminates with a Summer retreat

Oracle Breathwork™- Fall 2024

Connect your inner + outer technologies, Fine-tune your intuitive channel, Promote cellular regeneration, Rebalance the emotional body + Rewrite old belief patterns

Oracle Ceremonialist™- Winter 2024

8 Magdalene Ceremonies to support the Divine Feminine

"Energy is cyclical.

What you to do heal yourself, heals others.

What you do to heal others, heals you."


Queenie discovered reiki at the end of a particularly overwhelming year. She was suffering from a poverty of spirit and felt unwell energetically which began manifesting as physical ailments such a hives, allergies & severe bouts of nausea. She intuitively booked a treatment with a local Reiki Practitioner and had such a life-changing, cathartic experience that she immediately signed up for reiki training. She couldn't believe how this single session helped dissipate the mental fog she had been feeling for months, leaving her feeling lucid, emotionally lighter & energetically refreshed. 


That single act of self-care led her on a profound spiritual journey, eventually walking away from a successful corporate career where she was a top performer working on global brands and a respected Consultant to Founders of $1 Billion-valuated unicorn startups. 

Path of the Oracle has been fortunate to support a variety of corporate and nonprofit clients alike, many who are also in the wellness space such as sweetgreen, Manduka, The Now Massage, Illumination Foundation & more. Path of the Oracle was featured in Refinery29 to an audience of 3M+ people and Queenie serves as the Director of Healing Arts at award-winning youth nonprofit organization, Indivisible Arts in Hermosa Beach. Through this partnership, she is also affiliated with the Stanford University-developed allCove BeachCities youth center that offers free mental health services for local youth and their families. 

Path of the Oraclewas born out of the honor and fulfillment Queenie found in working with vibrational medicine and holding sacred space for others. Queenie is committed to empowering others to live in alignment with their own intuitive guidance, becoming active participants in their own healing. 


People work with Queenie to kickstart their healing journey and train with her to activate + accelerate their healership. The types of emotional clearings, blissful flow and expansion she has experienced personally and witnessed in her clients has been the gift of her life. In all her work, her intention is to activate the healer within and spread awareness about vibrational medicine as safe, non-invasive, gentle & effective complementary alternative medicine. 

When she's not working, Queenie enjoys spending quality time with her husband, daughter & their sassy cockapoo. She loves creating fun memories + traditions for her family, cooking, traveling, reading multiple books at once & spending time at the beach any chance she can get.

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