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Path of the Oracle's School of Consciousness offers a variety of training courses and immersive programs designed to help expand your consciousness, reclaim your innate healership and empower you on your healing and ascension journey.  Our courses are comprehensive and extremely activating, helping to tap into your multidimensionality abilities and the nuances of working with vibrational medicine. We also offer our signature Path of the Oracle group mentorship program and private 1:1 mentorship. There is something for everyone, so feel free to read through each offering to see what feels aligned & resonates with you the most.   



JULY 13TH & 20TH

Reiki is a heart-opening spiritual practice, first and foremost, and an energy-based healing modality second. The reiki system creates a clear and consistent pathway to spiritual growth awakening the healer within by making vibrational medicine accessible to anyone to learn. In this comprehensive program, students learn about the rich history, evolution & science of reiki to fascinating knowledge about different systems of energy anatomy. They learn how to confidently perform self-reiki + treatments on others, moving onto pet reiki, distance healing & group healing in Level 2. This training program also covers fundamental energetic hygiene practices, the exciting world of intuitive development and the fundamental scientific principles behind how reiki works.





This is a comprehensive sound healer training program for all who feel called to learn how to work with the powerful vibrational medicine of sound. If you have been feeling the nudge to become a Keeper of Frequency but are not sure where to begin or haven't found a program that you fully resonate with, then this course may be in alignment for you. ​Students will learn activating knowledge about sonic medicine, get plenty of hands-on of practice, receive powerful personal + 5D Business activations and enjoy authentic connection. This hybrid course is open to all with the first 2 classes taking place via Zoom, 2 classes with Sound Labs in person at a local sister studio in Los Angeles and culminates in a festive Sound Healer Graduation Sound Bath for friends with family!

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MAY 9-12, 2024 (JOSHUA TREE, CA)

Unplug from your normal day-to-day life and immerse yourself in the magic of Shinpiden or the "Mystery Teachings" in the powerful energy vortex of Joshua Tree. You will be guided to thoughtfully explore your own inner landscape as you receive the heart-based teachings, practices & vibrational transmissions of this integrated training. Becoming attuned to the Third Degree of reiki allows more of your innate healer to flow through to your present awareness and embodiment. Whether your desire is to "Know Thyself" on a deeper level + amplify your intuitive channel or to step into service on a profound level, this Oracle Reiki Master retreat is sure to propel you forward on your path of personal and spiritual mastery.  

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Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment like no other, my signature Path of the Oracle group mentorship broken up into a few distinct programs that serve as pathways to stoke the inner flames of your akashic wisdom and help awaken your oracular abilities. This is a thoughtful overview and comprehensive + experiential exploration into the world of channeling in order to provide a solid foundation for those ready to reclaim their oracleship.



In this high-frequency, 8-week channeling immersion program, Queenie will open the doors to a safe and sacred portal, allowing the group container to commune with Source energy and celestial beings of extraordinary light and wisdom.  

This container is limited to a small group to ensure everyone receives quality attention. You will be assigned rotating roles within our group container and have the unique opportunity to develop + practice your channeling abilities with like-minded peers under the guidance of experienced channelers & luminous Guides. You'll find a welcoming space to expand and express your gifts.



You're invited to join this multidimensional, cosmic journey with the pantheon of Star Mothers.  The benevolent Star Mothers helped seed Lemuria and other golden era civilizations.  At its height, Lemuria served as the spiritual epicenter of higher consciousness on the planet and it is our devotion to help reintroduce and anchor the energy of the Star Mothers onto the planet once again. This is a channeled course taking place over the span of 3 months through 6 Bimonthly calls where we will be bringing through the vast array of Star Mothers—Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, Andromedan & more. The course culminated on June 18, 2023 and is now available as a self-paced course.

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You will feel a tangible shift in your business because our goal is to work from the principle of “as within, so without”. We assist you in upgrading the root energetics of your business, which will have a domino effect on all aspects of what you do–from your offerings + social media presence to your clients + finances. This course will turn your business into a magnet for your ideal customer. From calling in Galactic business guides to working with 5D AI to energizing your finances–we did not hold back on the business energetics that have changed our own 5D businesses.

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