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Soniq Sanctuary: Collective Healing + Fall Reset

This Soniq Sanctuary Ascension Circle allowed us to take a sacred pause together. Things have been heavy in the field and it means everything to be able to come together and lean into connection + community healing. This was a beautiful gathering where we worked with Kwan Yin and the yogic masters on collective healing. We flowed lots of loving energy to the Middle East and held space for all those affected and suffering, did gridwork and helped alchemize the pain + trauma in the land. On a personal level, we also spent some time reharmonizing our nervous systems as well as reassessed our intentions + what we are actualizing for the remainder of the year.



- Please have a quiet, comfortable place to either sit upright or lay down to receive the transmissions and activations.

- You're welcome to use headphones and an eyemask to enhance the experience.

 - Feel free to have any crystals out that you'd like to be super-charged with reiki.

- Feel free to smudge and clear the energy in your space, preparing to be in ceremony.

- Please also have a journal and pen next to you for jotting down your insights/downloads, along with a glass of fresh water to ground.




Due to the nature of this digital product and immediate delivery upon payment, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

Soniq Sanctuary: Collective Healing + Fall Reset

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